The Cambridge Energy Alliance is grateful to all the volunteers who have contributed to Warm Home Cool Planet since its inception, including the current contributing authors below:

Anthony Butler — Anthony Butler

Anthony is a Principal at Light Partnership, a communications firm dedicated to helping companies in the Energy Efficiency and renewables space.

He has worked with Cambridge Energy Alliance for the last 15 months on a variety of web and graphic design projects.

Boston GreenScene

The mission of Boston GreenScene is to connect, highlight, and amplify the organizations, businesses, and individuals who are working to build a sustainable present and future in the Greater Boston Area and Massachusetts.

We showcase local events, initiatives, legislation, and unique aspects of the Boston and Massachusetts green community. Whether you are a local organic cafe, a Fortune 500 company greening your headquarters, or a student collecting signatures for clean energy sign ups, Boston GreenScene works on your behalf to connect people, news, and commentary from all sectors and backgrounds.

We are, above all, a network of people like you!

BrendaPike — Brenda Pike

Brenda is a 29-year-old woman living in Cambridge, MA and working in Boston. Living in an urban area, and in a town with forward-thinking environmental laws.

While she recognizes that the biggest places we can have an impact are transportation, heating/cooling, and animal product consumption, they may not be the subject of the majority of her posts. (Because, seriously, how many different ways can you say “Walk to work,” “Insulate your home,” and “Go vegan”?) She occasionally focuses on trivial or esoteric topics, like vermicomposting, because that’s what's on her mind—and because it’s fun!

Dean Fogarasi — Dean Fogarasi

Eric Grunebaum — Eric Grunebaum

J Lundee — Jack Lundee

I grew up in the small town of Utica, NY. Attendee of a community college and a highly web savvy individual, I began my career as a work-at-home web designer. Host to a number of political blogs, I grew a strong green following and began a more "call-to-action" oriented approach. It's important to seek out what's buzz worthy and encourage folks to pursue green activity.

John Bolduc — John Bolduc

John is an Environmental Planner with the Cambridge Community Development Department, where he works on the City's climate change initiatives.

joshlynch — Josh Lynch

Josh Lynch is the founder of Common Green, a Boston-based non-profit organization that organizes residents together to retrofit their homes and improve their community. Serving as Campaign Manager for Green For All in 2008, he coordinated Green Jobs Now, the first national day of action for green collar jobs. As Co-Founder of Energy Action Coalition, he was instrumental in building a diverse youth-led alliance that has become a force in U.S. politics.

JPierce — Jerrad Pierce

Jerrad is a environmental policy person, and watches a lot of PBS.

LGlick — Lilah Glick

Lilah was was the Global Warming/Clean Energy Outreach Coordinator

for Clean Water Action’s Boston office where she advocated for climate and energy policy in the commonwealth and worked in local communities to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. Prior to serving as a clean energy advocate, she worked as a Development Associate for a non profit Internet Service Provider to promote low income/ rural access to wireless services. She also served for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nicaragua as a small business coordinator and as an Americorps Community Organizer for the city and school district of Falls City, Oregon.

lschwab — Laurel Schwab

mdlittlehale — Mike Littlehale

Mike is a senior at Suffolk University studying journalism and government. He is currently a volunteer intern at Cambridge Energy Alliance.

Sareena Nagpal — Sareena Nagpal

A sustainability specialist, I make buildings green! I'm passionate about introducing sustainable ways of living to everybody's lifestyle.

Sustainable Business Leader Blog

Tara Holmes — Tara Holmes

Tara lives in San Francisco (but hails from Massachusetts). She is passionate about environmental conservation and increasing public awareness of environmental issues. Tara received a BA from Connecticut College and an MPA with a concentration in environmental policy from The Maxwell School of Syracuse University. She tends to focus on politics and business, but also touches on behavior. Tara has worked at the World Resources Institute, the MA Department of Energy Resources and spent summer 2010 working on UN-REDD research and policy in Paris, France for ONF International. She is currently involved with SF Environment, Friends of the Urban Forest and sits on the Board of Directors for Randall Museum Friends in San Francisco. She enjoys being outdoors as much as possible!

Twitter: @tmhol. Personal Blog:

In addition to the posts listed by clicking her username above, she also contributed to the post Whitehouse goes solar!


mshaw — Meghan Shaw